As the sky turns from blue to grey

The sands of time tick

We are here but only for a short stay

Don’t let life pass with some words you never say.

Don’t let life pass with the  “I am sorry” you never say.

Don’t let life pass with the “I have forgiven you” you never say

Just don’t………….

Don’t live in anger, with fear and regrets.

Seek forgiveness and lay your pain to rest.

Don’t judge too quickly, as you may be wrong.

Instead, choose to live life as an uplifting song.

When tears fall, wipe them away 

As they will only last but for a day.

Sometimes we hurt because we care.

Sometimes life seems unfair.

We make mistakes we wish we could change

And wonder how our life could be rearranged.

Second chances last only for so long, not forever.

Always reach out to others.

People may change 

People may leave you

Eventually the disappointment and pain will subside.

But just let them go. Your destiny is never bounded to anyone.

Only the true remain forever at our side.

It is all about the journey and what has yet to come.

Life is what you make of it; you are what you’ve become.

Life is too short to hold onto regrets.

Forgiveness is key even though you may never forget.

Cherish the good and remove the bad.

There will always be obstacles, pain, and strife.

You must believe that you are strong enough to fight.

You have to believe in yourself to do what is right. 

Never be afraid to take a stand,

And always be willing to lend a helping hand.

A little bit goes a long way.

All it takes is a smile to brighten someone’s day.

Your chance to live is now, so what are you waiting for?

Endless possibilities are forever at your disposal.

The chance to live another day is life’s golden proposal.

Never let anyone tear you down,

And never let anyone steal your shine and make you frown.

Will you sit in the shadows and let darkness win again?

Oh sister rise up and make the light shine all over again.

I don’t know about you but I believe you can. Yes you can


       1 John 2:19

  They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. [KJV]

AAT – “…..Jesus Christ. To Him, glory be, both now and forever. Amen!” 2 Peter 3: 17-18




Bruised and chastised, we failed to recognise Him

Mocked, Scorned and Spat upon, we failed to recognise Him

Death and the curse were in our cup

That bitter cup, Thy love drank it up

Thou hast drained the last dark drop

And filled it back with Grace

Thou open bosom was my ward

It braved the storm for me

Crucified and pierced, yet didn’t prove God of Him

Agonize, yet uttered not a word from Him

He nailed all and more to the shameless Cross they deemed it

But His Death a prize for me to rejoice in

There’s not even one stroke for me.

Thou stoodest in the sinner’s stead

Thy tears, Thy blood flowed;

Thy bruising healeth me

Thy piercing eased my pain

Thou was dead and brought life

Thou was persecuted and brought freedom.

Thou became poor – so I might be rich

My Lord went the deepest of the bottomless pit

All for my sake, my peace to make

At cross roads…….

I need not take for granted His sacrifice

But rather ever rejoice as I am still criticized

He is My Master and Lord

The one I worship and serve true

I will cherish thee all my numbered days

He did all these in spite of my demerits

That I will one day delight in His merits

For within which I will forever be buried

Matt. 27:28-29 [KJV]

And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe. And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!

Author: Rosemary A. Ntiamoah.
April, 2017.



Mine blood hot with the lava of anger

Wallowed by memories ……..

Such is the being in me, God eternal

I seek not to tutor thee about mineself

But in the sinking humility of contrition

I come with a sore heart for thy thawing mercy!

So You fix me Lord.

Fix me……..lord, Fix me………. Lord

Fix me for I AM BROKEN.

Sooth my lungs cause I am choking

Burn with the strictest furnace mine flesh,

Till my life reflects thy glory as a crystal ball

Be not soft in threshing me,

For the wounds of sin left me scarred

Bake thou me till I be tough-boiled

Hew thou me till I be a polished shaft

For I by myself, I can do nothing.

Consent to mine plea, as I melt feebly.

At thy throne’s footstool, bid me not ‘begone’!

Lest as Cain I become a wild rover,

In the thicket of homesick groaning,

I come! not in languid pretence,

But in self-renunciation and David’s penitence.

Chide thou me with a soft fist of mercy

May this travail profit a hearing with thee

Let it ascend with a pacifying fragrance.

That thy rain of grace may wet my dry soul.



AAT~ all glory be to God.



This darkness I could touch and feel

As if heavens doors are shut.

The sorrows that assail me are like glut.

My wrists, I wish to cut.

I was Hopeless,

Even that little hope in my hopelessness was leaking

Empty lies my cisterns of joy.

In futility I keep reaching out.

Waiting for the sun to shine someday.


Come a little closer sister

Look beyond my smiley face and emojis.

Look beyond the makeups I have donned.

For the mascara is needed to mask my pain.


Masking the fear that plague my heart.

Masking the worries that bedevil my mind.

Masking the tearlines that adorn my true face.


Here am I.

An elephant without a memory.

A lion without a pride.

A lone wolf without a pack

A cheetah without a coalition

A dolphin without a pod.


None to cuddle.

None to stand with.

None to call me His own.

All alone.


In this state, I was.

Until I met Him.


‘Him’ who affirmed me as His special one.

‘Him’ who gave me a purpose to live.

‘Him’ who taught my mouth to sing and my heart to joy.


I met Him……..

‘Him!’, ‘Him!’, ‘Him……….!’

Who called me His own and never leaves me alone.

Whose banner over me is love.

Whose name is the Prince of Peace.


‘Him’ whose name is Jesus Christ.

The Architect of the universe and

The Manager of all times

Hopeless, Worthless were my tags.

All these He changed.

His grace brought…..

Day out of night, sweet from bitter,

Glory out of shame.

And turns pebble to pearls, weakness into strength.


Priceless became my tag

Joyful became my name.




When rage and fury overwhelm my heart,
It’s  high time I looked to God’s own Holy Word.
I search the Bible for His good advice;
My will to His commands must be deferred.
God reveals His love for me In His Word;
In all things God works only for my good;
He gives me blessings I still struggle to understand;
I’d be peaceful if I’d do the things I should.

Jesus forgave so much; why then can’t I?
I want to mold my life after His own.
I pray, I try, but my sinful nature wins;
Lord, help me, I can’t do this thing alone.

I read about the peace of Christ;
Oh, how I long to feel it in my heart.
All I have to do is to forgive,
But Lord, it seems I don’t know where to start.

I need to walk a mile in the others shoes;
They’re doing what they think they have to do.
I know some problems are blessings in disguise,
But Lord, sometimes I feel so doggone blue.

Your word says “forgive as the Lord forgave you;
Get rid of anger and every form of malice.”
I’d love to just let go and release it all,
But upon my heart is a wound that’s become a callus.

I’ll keep praying, trying, Lord, no matter what;
I’m determined to let go and relinquish blame;
Someday, I’ll say, and be truly sincere:
“I forgive it all in Jesus’ precious name.”


                               Romans 8:28  [NKJV]

And we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are called according to His Purpose.


                               Colossians 3:13 [NKJV]

Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you must also do.


                              Ephesians 4:31  [NKJV]

Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamour, and evil speaking be put away you, with all malice.

AAT- To God the glory be.



Until you’ve walked the road that I’ve trod,

And pushed your foot in my shoes,

And felt how worn out they are,

Because of the distance I’ve traveled,

And realize there is no difference between

Walking with them on and without them on

You can never tell me you know how I feel.


There are times

Situations could bring my tear glands to task

My tears are a language only God understands.

I laugh every day

Without one knowing what’s really going on in my head.

I smile every morning because I have life.

I go through every week hoping that things will get better.

I count the months of disappointments,

But I do know the years of victory will not only come

But they will be sweet too.

God never gives us more than we can bear,

I’m going to continue walking,

No matter how hot the sun is,

No matter how dusty the day gets,

No matter how cold the night is,

No matter how lonely I feel.

I will always be grateful to God

I believe in the plan God has for my life,

I may fall short, but He never lets me go.

I may stumble, but He uphold me with His hand.

Thank you, Father, for your grace and mercy

That have brought me through.

I’m living this very moment at the expense of Jesus Christ.


AAT – To God the glory be.







I use to think I was the only one

But I know am not

There is a voice that calls to some of us

From somewhere deep inside.

The voice that will never give us ‘peace’,

Until at least we’ve tried

To catch the bright elusive  star,

Though foolish it may seem

To those not driven as we are

To still hold on to our dreams

That voice keep us hanging on

When others would have given up,

When all but hope is gone.

When sometimes even hope grows dim

And casts its faintest beam,

we wonder if it’s worth it all

To hold on to a dream.

And then That voice deep inside of us

Says to us

that other cannot know……

It’s not just thoughts of fame or wealth

‘The chances has just began’,

The best score hasn’t made yet

The best books hasn’t been written

The best song hasn’t been sung

The best house hasn’t been planned

The mightiest river aren’t spanned

And that we must not let go our dreams.

If only we can persevere

Someday our star will gleam!

And they will know why we had to try

To hold on to our dream,

Regardless the coal flowing through our veins

Aaron A. T