“Thou oughtest then to have put my money to the money-changers, and when I came I should have got what is mine with interest.” – Matthew 25:27 [DARBY]

These were the last words of the Master to the unfaithful servant in the parable of the talents.

The bible says that when Christ ascended on high, He bestowed gifts on men (Eph. 4:8). This is not for some, but for men; all men. Even the laziest servant was given one. Every servant had a number of talents. These talents represent opportunities we have for us to use our abilities. Each and everyone have been assigned our ministries according to the abilities and gifts God has given us.
Our frame was moulded by the Great craftsman and we certainly sparkle the gifts that come down from the Father of lights (James 1:17). We are all lights and have that glow. The only question is “Are we using our rays? ”
Who are these “money changers” and what’s their role or essence in this transaction (in the use of our abilities, potentials and gifts)?

Money changers are people who change a currency from one unit to another and make a profit as a result. In today’s setting we see them often at work when we want to change an amount of money from big units to lesser ones or from one denomination to another and vice versa. They may change $100 or ¢100. Occasionally, this transaction may end up as a loss for the client where the client may invest 100 and get 95 back, but it often ends up as a profit for both parties.
They are the Pastors, Music directors, life coaches, investors, entrepreneurs, and evangelists.
God, out of His infinite mercy, placed the money changers for this holy purpose; of converting gifts, talents and abilities we are not using to the benefit of others.

God’s gifts and callings for us are irrevocable (Rom 11:29). But in case you are genuinely not able to use these gifts you know are God-given, you must trade it with the money changers or else they’ll stand against you in judgment.
The key to ‘trading with the money changers’ is by “investing in others” and you do this by consulting these money changers who know the stock market best.
A money changer can help you convert your talent into a ready and useable form for the benefit of others without losing your value by connecting you to someone you can mentor or disciple.
The Musical Director can help you train others to be better singers. The Teacher or pastor can convert your fervency for prayer and Bible Study by helping you bring new converts to maturity. The Evangelist can convert the wealth you invest into a harvest of souls, and so on.
Whatever our talent is, there is a money changer we can trade with.
In the end, we may not be on stage and be directly ministering according to our talents, but we will still be doing same with many different bodies altogether. The currency and denomination of our monies will change but the value only increases when we trade with the money changers.

Someway somehow, we’ll all mentor people. Discipleship is all that ministry is about. In case we don’t want to invest with the money changers and really want to use these talents, what are the signs to guard against?
If you’re a writer and you realize you’ve started proofreading, editing and writing for others at the expense of writing by thy own name, then know for thy self that thou art trading with the money changers
Dear singer, when you stop leading and start backing or featuring in someone else’s songs, then know you’re trading with the money changers. In short, when you stop ‘doing’ and start investing, then you’re trading with these money changers. These are few signs.
Are you trading with the money changers?
Are you ready to use your talent (that gift)? If not, give it to the money changers

Written by Elson


He that dwelleth in the SECRET PLACE of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1 KJV

The secret place has been likened to a lot of things in recent times but one thing is certain; it is a place of intimacy. God commands us to come out from among them and be separate (2 Cor 6:17). The place of this separation is the place of secrecy.

It is a place of solitude.
It is a place of shelter.
It is a place of rest.
It is a place of God’s presence.
Jesus left men and went into a solitary place every morning to pray. The trek to the secret place starts with a solitary walk with God. Its a personal pursuit, that ends with a group procession.

Usually nothing happens on the outside (physically) as we tarry, but as we abide in the secret place, it becomes a public place, so much so that wherever we go, the atmosphere changes. Some call it “carrying the presence of God” but it is just the results of abiding in the secret place for long.
As we continue in the secret place behind the veil, we’ll get to separate the physical secret place of fellowship from the spiritual, so that even though we may not be at our places of prayer, we can enter the secret place anytime and anywhere because we’ve found the route there.
We get to know that there’s no difference between the atmosphere of a prayer meeting and that of our kitchens. God’s Omnipresence is substituted for His Very Presence. Everywhere then becomes the secret place.
As you abide, just like Elijah, you’ll become conscious of the supernatural without having to physically see them.

Hebrews 12:22 tells us about Mount Zion to make us “know” what is there and not to “see” what’s there. The writer wouldn’t have described what’s there if we could all see it. Mount Zion is the place of walking in the consciousness of God, and the heavenly host.
But what do we experience at Mount Sinai? Mount Sinai is the place of dramatic encounters. The place we hear and see God for ourselves and tremble. But as we get down from Mount Sinai, we must not refuse to walk in its consciousness.

We are like seeds. The soil of personal fellowship is what will make us sprout. Men may not see us as we’re planted in the earth nevertheless the more we remain in the soil, inevitably, we’ll sprout and men cannot but notice the change.
The secret place is our soil. The secret place is a little farther than a Bible study and prayer life.
We should not only visit the secret place frequently; we must abide there in order to ever grow.

Written By Elson