Mine blood hot with the lava of anger

Wallowed by memories ……..

Such is the being in me, God eternal

I seek not to tutor thee about mineself

But in the sinking humility of contrition

I come with a sore heart for thy thawing mercy!

So You fix me Lord.

Fix me……..lord, Fix me………. Lord

Fix me for I AM BROKEN.

Sooth my lungs cause I am choking

Burn with the strictest furnace mine flesh,

Till my life reflects thy glory as a crystal ball

Be not soft in threshing me,

For the wounds of sin left me scarred

Bake thou me till I be tough-boiled

Hew thou me till I be a polished shaft

For I by myself, I can do nothing.

Consent to mine plea, as I melt feebly.

At thy throne’s footstool, bid me not ‘begone’!

Lest as Cain I become a wild rover,

In the thicket of homesick groaning,

I come! not in languid pretence,

But in self-renunciation and David’s penitence.

Chide thou me with a soft fist of mercy

May this travail profit a hearing with thee

Let it ascend with a pacifying fragrance.

That thy rain of grace may wet my dry soul.



AAT~ all glory be to God.


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