This darkness I could touch and feel

As if heavens doors are shut.

The sorrows that assail me are like glut.

My wrists, I wish to cut.

I was Hopeless,

Even that little hope in my hopelessness was leaking

Empty lies my cisterns of joy.

In futility I keep reaching out.

Waiting for the sun to shine someday.


Come a little closer sister

Look beyond my smiley face and emojis.

Look beyond the makeups I have donned.

For the mascara is needed to mask my pain.


Masking the fear that plague my heart.

Masking the worries that bedevil my mind.

Masking the tearlines that adorn my true face.


Here am I.

An elephant without a memory.

A lion without a pride.

A lone wolf without a pack

A cheetah without a coalition

A dolphin without a pod.


None to cuddle.

None to stand with.

None to call me His own.

All alone.


In this state, I was.

Until I met Him.


‘Him’ who affirmed me as His special one.

‘Him’ who gave me a purpose to live.

‘Him’ who taught my mouth to sing and my heart to joy.


I met Him……..

‘Him!’, ‘Him!’, ‘Him……….!’

Who called me His own and never leaves me alone.

Whose banner over me is love.

Whose name is the Prince of Peace.


‘Him’ whose name is Jesus Christ.

The Architect of the universe and

The Manager of all times

Hopeless, Worthless were my tags.

All these He changed.

His grace brought…..

Day out of night, sweet from bitter,

Glory out of shame.

And turns pebble to pearls, weakness into strength.


Priceless became my tag

Joyful became my name.



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