I use to think I was the only one

But I know am not

There is a voice that calls to some of us

From somewhere deep inside.

The voice that will never give us ‘peace’,

Until at least we’ve tried

To catch the bright elusive  star,

Though foolish it may seem

To those not driven as we are

To still hold on to our dreams

That voice keep us hanging on

When others would have given up,

When all but hope is gone.

When sometimes even hope grows dim

And casts its faintest beam,

we wonder if it’s worth it all

To hold on to a dream.

And then That voice deep inside of us

Says to us

that other cannot know……

It’s not just thoughts of fame or wealth

‘The chances has just began’,

The best score hasn’t made yet

The best books hasn’t been written

The best song hasn’t been sung

The best house hasn’t been planned

The mightiest river aren’t spanned

And that we must not let go our dreams.

If only we can persevere

Someday our star will gleam!

And they will know why we had to try

To hold on to our dream,

Regardless the coal flowing through our veins

Aaron A. T


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