Message #2: How Do I Make Disciples (notes from the “Living The Invested Life” conference)

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How Do I Make Disciples?

Joel C. Rosenberg

Message #2

>> On Saturday, May 18th, I spoke at a men’s conference at McLean Bible Church in northern Virginia on discipleship. The theme of the conference was based on a book that I wrote with the pastor who discipled my wife and me in college, The Invested Life: Making Disciples of all Nations One Person at a Time. Here are the notes I used for my three talks as prepared for the delivery. Soon, I’ll post links to the videos of the messages and you can see precisely what a said.


In the first session, we began examining, “What is discipleship?”

In this session, we will consider, “How do I make disciples?”


As we begin, we need to clarify what discipleship is not

  • Discipleship is not a program.
  • It’s…

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