My pen

How priceless you are

I would like you to talk about “nothing”

It is a most peculiar word

I have heard it used so often

The way it’s used is often absurd

I’m told there’s “nothing” to worry about

Yet I worry about “nothing” for days

When the what-ifs I worry about happens not to be so

There isn’t another word for “nothing”

With “nothing” only “nothing” can compare

When a woman speaks about all her clothing

How is it possible she has “nothing” to wear

When she tells me I’m “nothing” short of amazing

What in the world does that “nothing” mean

If that “nothing” is really something

If I look will that “nothing” be seen

We are told that everything comes from “nothing”

A “nothing” theory that lacks evidence

A Big Bang and a boom from a “nothing”

If an explosion is something

Is that why “nothing” makes sense

So if “nothing” in the end becomes “something

Then “nothing” is “nothing” at all

Just a word that causes confusion

“nothing” can be big or quite small

If “nothing” can separate us from God’s love

Please keep “nothing” away from me

For if I settle for “nothing”

It will separate me from eternity

So you can see why “nothing” is a problem

I am “nothing” if I can’t be me

“Nothing” in the end is perplexing

For “nothing” is a mystery.



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