What Do You Seek?

compassWhat do you seek?
The mystery veiled in the book we carry
And the revelation of which we tarry
As we arduously pray
The records of the book known by men
The facts proven by science
The verses memorized and the stories echoed in hymns
The parables told and the many lessons we daily unearth
The laws of perfect living carefully scribed
The words of the book authored by man and inspired of Him
Yet the power of these words bundled up in the scroll of faith
How powerless are the words without the scroll
Which the Pharisees doubtfully rolled
Pharisees! pseudo – epitome of perfection in ages past
Though subtly alive now in many
Who filled with the logos of the word
Glory aloud in this knowledge
Outpour these words in uproar of prayers
Proudly sing of its rhythms
Oh how pitiful it is knowing
That the desire of many lies in knowing the Bible only
But seek not the face of the Word solely (Rev. 19: 13)
The Word, the personality of Him
Whose words are truth and life
Who for our sake stands bruised,?
His robe soaked up in blood calls to us
A call to know Him deeply
To acknowledge His preeminence
To be overwhelmed in His love
To partake in His nature and of His glory
To believe and obey His words
Oh Pharisees, this is His desire and design;
Knowing Him and obeying Him
His revelation and truth unveiled to us in fellowship
His Personality and principled to access
He asks not for a sanctimonious piety of religion
garnished by the eloquent utterance of His holy words
again, humbly I enquire
what do you seek to know?
The Word or the Bible.

NB: based on Rev. 19:13.
Living in a world where we are pressured on every side, that is even in our Christian circle. The feeling of desire to know and learn the bible that arises from the witness of public spectacle of the eloquence, knowledge and dexterity of many a Christian friend or acquaintance with the words of the Bible either in prayer, preaching, bible quiz etc. Though a good desire, how easily the sheet of goodness is stained as the quest to know the Bible by many Christians is beclouded by the setting of wrong priorities; that is knowing the Bible and leaving behind the revelation of the Word(Christ) just so we can be good at quoting it etc.

Cecil O. W.


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