fORgiVe mE God.

what I want to do,

I don’t do enough of,

and what I don’t want to do,

I do too much of.

I know your way,

according to the Bible,

and I’m trying; I really am, but…

heaven and eternity seem so far away,

and the rampantly materialistic world

presses in so close

from every direction, every side,

that I get distracted.

Focus, focus, focus!

I need to focus, laser-like

on a simple, God-centered life.

Do I really need

to make that frivolous purchase,

instead of giving the money

to someone who needs it

so much more than I do?

Can I watch that video or that TV show,

read that book, listen to that song

that contains (and promotes!)

even a little bit

of what the Bible forbids,

without being corrupted?

Do I do enough

to love and help and encourage others?


Pride always hovers,

eagerly waiting

to subdue and conquer humility,

so I think too much of myself.

Although I know your way;

your word makes everything clear.

Forgive me, Lord; 

and help me Lord.



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