Well, well, well … Here we are again, drawing the curtains down on a very, very long vacation.

“Not so long”, you must be thinking. Well, we have approximately 3 weeks, in fact 2 Fridays more before reopening, and spending close to 80 days (1920 hours) at home … Wow!! That has been quick.

I believe we were enthusiastic about the whole vacation thingy, having our own plans going into the vacation and now that we are coming into a new semester we all have our plans as usual.

Over the years, if we are to draw a curve of our productivity based on what we plan, most of us including me would have that of a sinusoid: an up and down sort of thing. Hope we can relate? Well John C. Maxwell puts it beautifully as this, “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”.

This message is not trying to let you know what you should’ve done but didn’t do. We have beaten ourselves and cried ourselves to bed over and over again on simple mistakes we keep on repeating and we need no reminder.

This semester de33 I won’t joke” – a popular cliché and many other mistakes all embodied in procrastination [and his relatives: laziness, lack of focus and concentration and the likes]. We read all the books, go to conferences and use all the great quotes as profile pictures or as status on social media platforms.

Well, I’m not against that, in fact, they’re good and build us up, but we end up not solving it entirely, do we?
At this moment you will be thinking, “oh I know where he is going, that man Jesus Christ right? … He’s got the answer right?? Oh yeah! I have heard of him and how he makes everything beautiful.”

Absolutely, you are right and you hit the nail right on the head but just as C.S Lewis said, “Man needs no new instructions but to be reminded.”

See how can we boldly sing and proclaim these words:

I’ve tasted the world, seen more than enough and its promises fleeting of water and wine I emptied the cup yet still I found myself wanting… But there’s a well that never runs dry. The water of life; the blood of the vine.

Jesus is the cup/well that never runs dry.

If we have not actually gone through these struggles and experienced how nothing else supersedes what Christ has for us.

So now instead of planning to do this and that, I just have to accept that I can’t trust myself to accomplish it but I can trust the one who never runs dry, Jesus Christ. Then we shall receive the grace, peace, strength and wisdom to go through and achieve whatever it is we want to.

So after this vacation of not so much productivity, I boldly say Lord I give myself away not like before or on a normal Sunday church service but because I’ve actually seen how wretched I am and the need to give myself away and not trust in myself.
This is a lifelong reminder I believe God has for us as a way of calling us back to himself, yet many a times after receiving this heartfelt connection and grace we tend to think: “okay now Jesus has passed the ball to me, He’s given me that salvation so now I have to score that goal then case closed” or “I have to this that and that to repay his kindness and goodness or something.”

But can we actually do that?
Can we actually repay?

We end up tired and worn out but how about if we do it like this instead, just as Paul wrote in Colossians 2:6;

And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. NLT

Not enough? Heed the words of Christ then

John 15:4
Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.

Deeply Rooted in Christ

Wow, all Christ wants is for us to be in that state of joy, peace, remorse, tears, calm all wrapped up in Grace and Love when we received him then and then will we get that motivation to achieve and bear all the fruits we want.

Yes don’t fret my dear, he hears you and longs to come to your aid.

If you truly believe he is the cup that will never run dry, then why do you worry and carry all this burden and pain in your heart.

My message is very simple, the one who created the world, the stars all those planets known to man and not yet known, absolutely everything is crazy in love with me and wants to reside in my heart to accomplish his own good works. (Those works in your heart you want to do but end up coming short, he actually put it there )

The question is will you let him?

Cecil O. N.