Show Forth CHRIST

It’s high time

The Pregnant clouds emptied themselves

The wind had commenced combing the nearby bushes

The polythene had had their wings widely spread in the sky

And to the tune of the wind they dance

As I long to prosper in your fruit, and show forth you

O Lord

More than the wealth of the land,

What the world offers, matters not,

It’s all like crumbling sand

It has no substance for sustaining life

Of eternal value, I mean

Its only use is for the temporal

In fulfilling worldly dreams

But one day soon it will all be gone

As if it had never been

And when we’re standing without it all,

What in us will be seen?

For worldly wealth has no real value,

Nor character to strive for,

For we are nothing when all is revealed

If we lack the fruit of the Lord, and don’t show forth him

I’d rather have the qualities of God,

The fruit of His Spirit inside, and show forth him

For it’s His character that will remain

When we enter eternal life.

Aaron A. T.


If i could write on the clouds,
the raindrops would descend
with the words of my undying love
for in Jesus ~ I’ve no better friend.

If could write on the seas,
the waves would fall and crest
with the words of my endless faith
for in Jesus ~ I have perfect rest.

If I could write on the mountains,
the foothills would spell out and read
the words of my everlasting trust
for in Jesus ~ I have all that I need.

If I could write on the grass lands,
the blades would clap and sing
with the words of my heartfelt praise
for in Jesus ~ I have an eternal King.

If I could write on the sky,
the twinkling stars would letter out
the words of my eternal hope
for in Jesus ~ I’ve not a single doubt.

If I could write up in heaven,
I would spell out your very name . . .
and pray your life you would give Him
for in Jesus ~ you’ll never be the same!

Psalm 45:1

“My heart is inditing a good matter:
I speak of the things which I have made
touching the king:
my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”


🙏When I Consider 🙏

God, when I consider,
all that You’ve made
How the sun slowly rises
as the moon begins to fade.
I’m in awe,
of  all the beauty I see
in this amazing universe
You’ve set before me.

When I consider,
the trillion stars in the sky
hanging on the dark backdrop
placed so ever, ever high.
I’m in awe,
of the works of Your hand
in the heavens so far above
from down here where I stand.

When I consider,
the stars, moon and the sun
I know beyond them . . .
is Your Kingdom yet to come.
I’m in awe,
of the splendor of my view
starlit glimpses of eternity
when I’ll be home with You!


Psalm 8:3

King James Version

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;”

A. A. T.