A Godly Experiment

When the Bible says, ”Bad company corrupts good morals”, let’s take a mental experiment and cast our minds to our laundry bags or   laundry baskets.

(Not maths mental, please don’t get scared and go, read on…😃)

Pick your favourite shirt or dress reserved for that dinner next semester, just in case you get a date 😉. Neatly washed and ironed, put it in your laundry bag with your other dirty clothes you hope to wash when you get the time. (Don’t worry, the experiment is still in your mind, don’t give me that ‘seriously?’ 💁 look 😄

Now when you finally get the time to do your washing, or if you take it to the laundry, pick out your dinner dress (or shirt). Now have a look or even better, smell it as a means of gathering results for your experiment …

Are we getting such faces: 😁🙊😏😷?

Relax, 😄, it was only in your mind, now snap out of it to reality 🙇.

Putting that clean dress amongst dirty clothes and zipping that bag represented introducing a godly Holy Spirit filled believer into a world where ideas and thoughts and actions expressed through character are godless and different from your godly way of thinking.

Bad company goes beyond sitting in class or sitting on same bench or sleeping in same room with ‘bad people’. We would have to leave this world if we want to really escape godlessness. But Paul says you can be in this world and not be of the world

The company you keep is determined by the kind of people  you share common views with. They may be a 1000 miles away, but once you agree and give a thumbs up to say gay marriage, it’s a company you keep. If you agree Jesus is the only way, you have a company you keep

That laundry bag represented a sphere of thinking or influence, which may or may not necessarily be influenced by physical contact, though physical contact through media, friends, society and family act as facilitators.

Someone may now ask, so what if I put a dirty dress in a bag full of clean clothes, say your suitcase, will it make the shirt clean? Nope, certainly not. It will still be dirty and not get clean because it needs washing.

“Dirty” (unsaved) people need Jesus … No matter how much they associate with the sphere of thinking of saved moral men.

Finally, in our semester’s quest for godliness

… Let us not be conformed to this world: but let us be transformed by the renewing of our mind, that we may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2


Have a great Focus Study and I still have you all in mind

Samuel Ohene (Former BSW Coordinator)