“I Love You”

“I love YOU” – GOD

“I love you but …” – Us

These are not words my lips may have uttered out but I have no doubt that my actions have expressed this on a  number of occasions. If you asked me who I have hated I couldn’t come up with any names yet it doesn’t imply I have loved everyone. I have had to turned down opportunities to show my love to ‘loved ones’. I’ve shied away from such simply because in some cases my interests came first or I just couldn’t care enough to be moved.

How many times have we not professed our love for people yet that love could not stand in the moments it was needed most? 

I once held the opinion that it’s easier to love when you are innocent and unaware of the unfortunate traits of your fellow man. Today, I’ve dropped that thought because the whole beauty of love is that it’s unconditional. For me, when it comes to loving, the unconditionality of that love is very important. For it is the only love that is eternal. If I love you because of A, B or C then it really is A, B or C that I love, not you. And that’s why when A, B or C disconnect with you, my love for you evaporates too. A, B or C could be beauty, sense of humor, possessions, intelligence, fame or even another person.

How many times have you and I not loved others based on one thing or the other and not unconditionally?

Would you still love that friend if she lost her beauty today? What if you found out she was mentally unstable and experienced moments of fit at random times in her life? Would you still love the young man who has been your friend for so long if he found himself in poverty? What if he was now bottom of his class and all fame he had earlier in life had faded ito thin air. Would your love for him do same too? When our love for others is based on the positives they have got or the negatives they haven’t got, such love is feeble.

How difficult is it for us to love people who fall below the standards we have set for ourselves?

The best example of unconditional love is the one expressed by God to us. He knows our past; He knows our struggles, yet He loves us. He’s seen us wrong people; He’s watched us disappoint them, yet He loves us. He needs nothing from us; He’s got more than us all, yet He loves us. In short, He’s high up there in class; we are way down here, yet He loves us.

People say there’s nothing like love at first sight, but they forget that when Christ walked on the this earth, he loved at first sight. He hated no one, rather the things they did and yet he was the only ‘Christian’ in his time.

Have you and I loved the sinner but hated the sin or did we hate both simultaneously?

I have struggled with loving the people of my time but God has not ceased loving man since creation; clever, back-stabbing and treacherous man. And that’s why God is love. If we want to express to our fellow men genuine unconditional love then, is God not the best coach? And if He has made His Spirit available to us and that Spirit dwells in us, does it not make loving others unconditionally a possiblity? Unless you and I understand even the tiniest bit of God’s love for us, it will be impossible to show love to our fellow the unconditional way. For the love of God is so great that if we have truly allowed it into our system, it should be bursting right out simply because it cannot be contained.

Unconditional love does not grow cold ever. It is warm to all. So whether we fall in love or walk in it, all that should matter to us is that we are doing so in [unconditional] love. Let us grow in love till we can say boldly that I love you with no buts, no exceptions.

 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

1 John 4:7