The Desire Of A Saint

The roads once trodden by the saints of old are now bushy and overgrown with weeds and thorns because we no longer desire to walk there.

I have cause to believe that just as men trust in their righteous deeds to seek favour and Grace from God, men seem to trust in the prayers they make more than the God who answers.

Men seem to have a confidence in the knowledge acquired, rather than in the one they claim to know.

A desire to be applauded by men and to be in the spotlight has clouded the virtues of a quiet and sober spirit of humility.

Sitting under his feet and doing ‘nothing‘ but ‘listening‘ has been replaced by a desire for activity and zeal which is misconstrued as spirituality.

A generation of believers so mighty, tall and strong on the outside, but hollow like bamboo on the inside.

A generation of believers clothed with the nicest of coverings like rose petals in the name of prosperity, but have shallow roots that go nowhere.

I am one of such and I desire to repent and change and follow the saints of old who had little and yet had much

The saints of old who knew their God beyond books and activities.

The saints of old who put no confidence in their righteous deeds or acts of peity, but counted it all as loss that they may know Christ the more.

Saints of old who counted themselves as unworthy wretches, yet touched by the warm hand of Grace and saved.

I do not know about you, but I desire to go back to the ancient tracks once trodden by the old saints but now over grown with weeds and thorns.


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