The Desire Of A Saint

The roads once trodden by the saints of old are now bushy and overgrown with weeds and thorns because we no longer desire to walk there.

I have cause to believe that just as men trust in their righteous deeds to seek favour and Grace from God, men seem to trust in the prayers they make more than the God who answers.

Men seem to have a confidence in the knowledge acquired, rather than in the one they claim to know.

A desire to be applauded by men and to be in the spotlight has clouded the virtues of a quiet and sober spirit of humility. Continue reading


Only HE Resurrected

When we say that Christ is the only One to have risen from the dead, we do not mean physical death which Christ called sleep but eternal death. He is the only One whom after being declared as eternally separated from God, became eternally united with Him again.

Those who were raised from the dead like Lazarus were only raised from physical death. Because after some years they still died or rather fell asleep and it is their belief or unbelief that will finally determine whether they will truly die or live. Everyone was suppose to face eternal death and this is the death that God took upon Himself for our sake. Because once we got eternally separated from Him we could never bring ourselves back to Him.

God did not create hell to put man there. The Bible says that from Him comes everything that is good. So what do you expect when you become eternally separated from the source of everything you can call good? Hell is as it is because it is separated from God, and the devil cannot create anything good. If he could, he would have fixed air conditions there and positioned dispensers at various cells to quench their thirst (just for laughs).

People do not want to have anything to do with God yet they want to have everything to do with the good stuff that He provides. Think about how this planet would be if God decides that He would not have anything to do with it again. There would be nothing like rain, or peace, or fruits, or happiness, or fresh air, or freedom, think about all good things and omit it from the world, that is how the world would be if God turns His face away. The Presbyterian Hymnal (GHANA) puts it in this way “Oyi n’ani a na asɛe” –[loosely translated as -Once He takes His eyes off something, that’s the end.].

In His Love, He has decided to watch over us all this while and is waiting for man to look up and see that it’s been Him all along. The Father wants to be with His kids… and He was willing to die for that. How willing are we to see the Father?

If any other way of salvation had been possible, God would have chosen that way and not allowed His beloved Son to suffer so much.

If we could have gone to heaven and into God’s presence merely by living a good life, then God would have been wicked  to have permitted His Son to go through the agony of the cross unnecessarily.

We are not wiser than God. Infinite Wisdom could think of only one way to save man from his predicament without compromising the demands of Infinite Holiness and Infinite Justice.

And even though that way meant suffering, Infinite Love was willing to tread that pathway to save man.

                                                        -Zac Poonen