The statement being of the world has had many meanings in varying Christian circles.

Does it mean being found at parties, wearing trousers as a lady, wearing an earring as a man, going to the cinema with a date or watching television?


 Does it mean something else? Being of the world has solely got to do with one’s ideas and ways of thinking with respect to particular circumstances and situations which tend to reflect in one’s actions and attitude towards life.

For example: A form of worldly thinking will accept the fact that being sexually appealing as a woman is key in choosing the types of clothes to put on.

Another worldly thinking is measuring the status or importance of a person by his societal status or position or the abundance of wealth he possesses. A strange but true worldly thinking is the idea or notion that Pastors or Reverend ministers play a ‘priestly‘ role and are in-betweens between men and God.

There are many others you can add to the list using yourself as a case study.

In response to such ideas ;

Women are advised to concentrate on the inner beauty of a gentle and humble spirit with modesty being the hallmark of their outward apparel. (1 Tim 2:9)

Christ states clearly that a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of wealth he possesses(Lk 12:15); and James says God shows no partiality to no man whether CEO or janitor. (James 2:1-5)

He accepts all men on the same basis of believing and having faith in the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ.

This same Jesus has become to us our one and only High Priest who has ascended into the heavenly temple to intercede on our behalf and has hence become the ONLY way to the Father. There are no in-betweens; we can now come boldly into the Father’s throne room of Grace. (Heb 4:14)

Let us weigh and value our thoughts and ideas against God’s Word and renew our minds of worldly ideas we may have held on for so long.

Worldliness does not begin in your actions, it starts with your ideas and thoughts.


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