AQS – #5 The Unknown

Answering Questions Series #5

Some may deem it embarrassing, others may turn red, but yet still, a few may make an attempt and may cause more harm than good. We will term it as the NO ANSWER QUESTIONS.

The most knowledgeable teacher will face this type of question, if you haven’t yet faced it; it simply means perhaps real tough questions aren’t coming your way.

We term it as No Answer Questions not because the questions have no answer, but rather because the teacher has no knowledge of the answer (at that moment).

Honesty is a virtue all teachers must teach and practice and portray to students, and as Bible teachers, even much honesty is expected of us. We should not be red faced or embarrassed if we are asked a question we have no knowledge about.

Example: “How old was Adam when Eve was created?
Even though the answer to the question above is not recorded in scripture, Bible teachers should find pleasure in honestly telling the enquirer “I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but now that you’ve asked, we can both find out together.”

Accepting you are ignorant and being ready to learn can actually be a badge of honour and it portrays humility on the part of the teacher rather than trying to answer a question you have little or no knowledge on.

The Bible states emphatically that only God is all-knowing , and Bible teachers accepting their ignorance only proves they are human and affirm the Biblical truth of God’s divine attribute of omniscience.


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