Letting-GoWhy hold on to memories that hurt?

Why keep remembering facts that agonize the soul?

Is it to protect our heart from incidents of that sort?

Is it to shield our feeble souls from all such occurrences?

What makes us not want to let go of pain?

What makes us want to watch our hands bleed as they keep holding on to the blades?

What makes us want to watch our hearts burn as they keep storing the heated coals?

What makes us want to refer to such brutality as safeguarding?

What makes us so ruthless to our souls?

What keeps us so blind that we cannot even see darkness?

Permit me to relay this harsh truth

Refusing to forget painful memories so that our hearts never encounter the like is folly

To let go is to teach our heart to safeguard itself

To retain is to lock our souls in bitter pain

If you give once, and someone uses your gift to hurt you, let go and give again.

If you are kind once, and someone takes your generosity for granted, let go and be kind again.

If you do good once, and someone does evil to agonize you, let go and do good again.

If you love once, and someone betrays your love let go and love again.

A million grievances will befall the non-alerted heart

But to the alerted heart, a million and one

Because in its quest to miss it, it seeks it even more

Let your heart soar and sail

For out there, there is enough space to maneuver

But inside that securely locked cage, there is only enough space to quaver

Please let go one more time, and move on.

Writer’s Comment: 

People have the notion that if something really painful happens to them, they will make sure that they do not forget that painful experience so that it does not happen to them again, especially if they were repaid evil for good. Sometimes, we say we have forgiven but we cannot forget. If God were to do this to us, honestly, life would have been hell. Consider this scenario: God gives someone wealth and good health in order that he may impact positively on the lives of the other children of God. Then this person instead uses this wealth to fulfill his lusts and fleshly desires. Then God says, “I have forgiven but I will forever remember this deed so that I will not fall into such a situation again. Since this is what men will do to Me when I bless them, I will not give them wealth and good health again in order not to be so grieved again”.  Your heart is not safeguarded from grief simply because you are so alert… I do not really know if you get me… I do not know how else to put it either… but I am just trying to say that allow yourself to be free. The more you remember the pain, the more it hurts, yet we say that if we forget it and move on, we might fall into the same situation again.

For God  gave to us, was kind to us, did good to us, and loved us, but in return, we hurt and grieved Him, but He keeps on being good to us and loving us saying “I will keep on letting go and loving them till they no longer want to hurt Me”.

The more we keep looking so that we do not get hurt, the more we get hurt, because we are so alert that even when the things are not supposed to cause us pain, we make them do. Men are refusing to love because evil is on the increase and the more they do good, the more they get hurt. So in their attempt to safeguard their hearts from ever getting hurt again, they would rather not love or be kind anymore. But Paul says, ‘why not be wronged, why not be cheated?- 1 Cor 6:7’ Is it worth holding on to? Must our lives and our love be controlled by circumstances and incidences? Christ said we should forgive seventy times seven times… but permit me to add that… after forgiving, we should forget and move on, seventy times seven times.

Once again, the heart is not safeguarded by holding on to painful memories in order to keep it alert and prevent it from getting hurt again. Let it soar and sail, the Lord does so, so He will keep our hearts also.




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