The Substitution


My name’s Barabbas

I have been locked up by the Roman government for a while now

One day I know that I will come out of this prison

But only to receive my death sentence

I have been a threat to society, to the Jews and to the Romans

I have led an insurrection against the Roman authority

I have murdered men and women alike

And now, the day has finally come

I am being led out in chains

I can see my end even from where I stand

And this is the day that I receive the ramifications for my crimes

For the lives that I squeezed out of many

For the terror that accompanied my presence

For the tears that I caused to fall

This day I shall be made to pay

Now, I stand before the citizens

Their eyes are full of rage

Beside me stands one whom they call Jesus

Looking so tortured and pitiful

Even though I was long bound by the prison walls

The news of this man’s goodness seeped through the cracks and crevices

I have heard of how he freely healed and freely fed them

So my mind cannot seem to guess a possible reason why He should be in this position

What could His crime possibly be?

Could He have done a deed more sinful than mine?

Could He have murdered more lives than I did?

Then Pilate arose from His seat

The whole place turned dead silent

I can almost feel their anger piercing me

Though I am aware of my fate

My heart would not stop beating in fear

There is no turning back now

Even if I plead, who would hear my cause?

Then Pilate spoke…

The words rang in my ears like a beautiful song

Not even in my dreams would I have anticipated those words

“Which of these do I release to you?” Pilate asked

I wondered “did I hear right?”

“Am I really being considered as a candidate to be freed?”

“Do I even merit this question?”

“Am I not the one who led an insurrection against the authority?”

I thought to myself “Certainly, they would choose the good Christ over Barabbas, the murderer?”

But no, they didn’t.

The Jews, the Scribes, the Priests, they all shouted in unison

“Free Barabbas, free Barabbas!”

At that point, I would bet that I was dreaming

Pilate tried to ask them what exactly Jesus had done wrong

But the crowd shouted louder and louder as their rage increased

I thought their anger was directed at me

I thought their boiling rage was because of me

But no, it wasn’t

My tears are freely falling

My hands are simply quavering

A divine substitute is being made

My freedom for His death

By tonight, an innocent man would have been killed in my stead

Oh the lives I took

Oh the tears I made fall

Oh the pleas I did not listen to

Oh the torment I put them through

I just cannot comprehend

My sins are simply flooding my mind

A substitute for me?

How can I deserve this?

He has been chosen to die in my stead

I can live, eat and sleep once again

Because an innocent is going to be tortured and crucified

He has not uttered a word

His tears only roll down His cheeks

His eyes are filled with compassion

And a love so divine exudes from them

My name is Barabbas

And I am a sinner

On this day, I deserved to die

But I am beholding a man called Christ

Being whipped and taken to the cross

A substitute for me

I need no man to tell me this day

That this is divine grace.

My name is Barabbas

And I have been spared.

We all, like Barabbas were the culprits… but Christ was made the substitute.

Matthew 27:15-26



5 thoughts on “The Substitution

  1. indeed we all were like barabbas. let us therefore not be too judgemental of other instead let us reachout to others in love


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