AQS – #3 Trivial Questions

They do not touch the strings of central Christian doctrinal truth. They do not mar the perfect image of grace painted by the great master artist and neither do they concern the central theme of the ancient contemporary word ever true. We will term them as Trivial Questions.

Trivial Questions are quite broad because trivial may sound relative. How could you term a question as trivial when to the enquirer, he/she is honestly seeking answers? It is perfectly true not to judge ones question as trivial no matter how ignorant or irrelevant it may sound. To be on a safer side, let’s assume our term “trivial” describes the questions not directly related to the central theme of scripture. (God’s work of reconciliation through the ages, finished through Christ).

Examples of such questions are;
-Where did Cain get his wife?

– Is it right to celebrate Christmas?

-Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday, and are we still to keep it?

-Will Judas Iscariot be saved?

…And many others.

Most a times, trivial questions may be as a result of doctrine based on culture/precepts of men, or scriptural connotations readers may arrive at if much care is not taken.

In the case of Cain’s wife, one may easily conclude there may have been other humans created aside the first man Adam, but the Bible does not support that theory (Romans 5:12, 5:19). The account of Genesis where this problem arises is due to “generational narration” of events rather than “chronological narration”. Adam is said to have had other sons and daughters after Seth (Gen 5:4), and it is reasonable to conclude Cain met a relative in some time in the future (sister, niece, or grandniece etc) judging from how long they could live and also how far they could wander in those times.

With issues on Sabbaths, ceremonies and observed holidays, it is indeed true that the Jewish Sabbath is on Saturday and Jesus actual birth date is not known, but the scripture is clear in Colossians 2:16 “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of a holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:”

Let us endeavor to uphold the truth of the gospel of grace. Above all, let us proclaim Jesus Christ the author and perfecter of our faith and help others focus and keep their eyes on Him who makes all things fall in place.

Stay blessed.

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