AQS – #1 Logical Impossibilities

Answering Questions Series

One major challenge teachers face all over the world is the challenge of answering questions.

Jesus faced it several times, and as bible study leaders and teachers, we face this challenge too.

One type of challenging questions we would highlight are what are termed logical impossibilities

Examples are:
-“Can God do wrong?”
-“Can a man believe in Jesus and not be saved?”
-“Can a man have an intimate relationship with Christ and not be transformed ?
-“Will the devil ever be saved?”

Such questions are termed logical impossibilities because to ask such a question in itself is to defy logical reasoning.

For example, to ask if a circle has sides like a square OR to ask if you can cut down a tree and it will still be standing OR can a mango seed germinate into a tomato plant?

In such cases, teachers need not ‘scratch their heads‘ to look for ‘loose ends‘ or ‘loop holes‘ in the answers they already know.

It is best to bring out the logical error in the person’s question and ask for a rephrasing if the person so pleases.

Eg: God is the Ultimate Good. He is the never changing and unerring ‘standard’ of the cosmos. To ask if God can be wrong is to ask if a metre rule can be measured out and found to be half a metre. Impossible! A metre rule is one metre, where ever and how ever you measure it. It can never be any more or less a metre (if it changes not) … so the question is a logical impossibility.

Again, to ask if a man can believe in Jesus and not be saved is a violation of scripture (He who believes in Him shall be saved).

Do not bother finding out meanings of the word ‘believe‘ or ‘saved’, etc. They are basic English words well understood.

To seek loop holes in the TRUTH in a sense is to doubt the truth. Truth is true, even though you can convince yourself otherwise, it still won’t make it false.

Realising questions that are logical impossibilities helps Bible teachers/study leaders answer certain questions with more ease and humility by letting the one making the enquiry realise what he/she seeks to find out about simply cannot be.

In all things, let God’s Holy Spirit be our guide and giver of wisdom, because logic is the result of God’s reasoning and not a creation/fabrication of man to try to explain an unknown world. 🙂

The series continues another time…


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