Coordinator’s Welcome Address

The Word !!!!…

So soon, the ding dong of the Christmas bells has faded into silence, and the sound and display of firecrackers that ushered in the new year only exist in our minds as cherished memories.

Yes, a New Year is born, and a new semester with it. We are really BACK TO SCHOOL, and did I hear someone exclaim “So soon?”  Yes oo, we are here again, and I would like to use this platform to wish you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful semester.

It is my prayer that “Christ Will Take Shape on Our Tongues” this semester. In other words, as study leaders, Bible teachers and wing members, it is my earnest desire that we all, through the words we utter, will present Christ to a world that does not need better roads or housing, better leaders or more money, but rather needs JESUS and His Love, and all other things will fall in place (Matt 6:33).

Let us be examples to others, especially in speech, and have in mind that “It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks”

Have a FRUIT FULL semester as the union runs with the focus “Being Fruitful in The Knowledge of Christ” (Col 1:10), and remember that no tree is “self-consuming” (eats its own fruits), but rather, it bears fruit to benefit OTHERS.

Bible Study Wing Loves you, and we are blessed and thankful to God to have you back.

See You Soon


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