Welcome Note


Dear Child of God,

It is an honour to welcome YOU to the official blog of the Bible Study Wing, NUPS-G KNUST. We believe that your coming here is not merely coincidental but a pure act of the Lord Almighty. This blog of ours may not be the number one source of messages from both God and Spirit-led brethren in the faith [as the BIBLE undeniably has that spot, đŸ˜‰ ], nevertheless if it is the TRUTH you seek, then you are certainly not lost.

So feel at home, have a look around, enlighten yourself and strengthen your faith some more with all the available posts by Spirit-filled brethren in the Lord. And oh, one more thing, feel free to share with others whatever you discover while here.

May the Grace of the God be with us all.

Amen and stay blessed.

10 thoughts on “Welcome Note

  1. If you seek the truth you will surely find it. Im honoured to be a member of the wing and may God continue to enlighten us.


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